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Autonomous homes

The autonomous homes are designed where connection with power grid on a distant located or a holiday home is not efficient or desired. They take advantage of renewable energy sources. Basic and endless source are sun’s rays which through a photovoltaic solar panel and an inverter system produce the electricity to power the home and the batteries for storage efficiency. This system could be combined with other renewable energy sources. Home must be well designed and insulated properly.

Τhe option of PVT - Photovoltaic Thermo panels in addition to electricity, produce warm water for use and for the heating system.

An autonomous system requires the adoption of a proper mechanical design for the demanded electric loads, proper architectural design for the exploitation of solar thermal benefits for winter, cross through window natural ventilation and shading for summer and the accomplishment of a very well insulated building in order to minimize thermal loses. The Canadian homes® characteristics on designs and specifications have been classified at the top rank of the national energy code which is Energy Class A+.