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Canadian homes® with the consistent reliability of it’s staff and associates has established itself as the most dynamic and dependable company on it’s field. Consequently, the name Canadian homes® became the household brand name for this method of construction in Greece.

Some background info about us

Canadian homes® brought the building know-how of Timber frame construction* to Greece in 1966. Some years later brought the know-how of post & beam construction, in order to satisfy the demand for larger buildings.

Employing the most experienced architects, structural design engineers and technical staff on this field, we consistently spearhead the development of timber-frame construction. The importance we have always given to research, the most appropriate planning and design, the quest for quality materials and applications, has made us a point of reference, so that the name Canadian homes® is synonymous with this method of construction. It is worthy of note that many similar companies have tried to apply , with a delay of many years, the specifications first applied by Canadian homes® Time has proven the reliability of our homes, added also experience in order to consistently improve our specifications. We consider it of prime importance that the majority of our clients selected us because they had heard from satisfied customers about the reliability of our homes of 30, 40 and 50 years old. It is not by chance that many architects and  engineers  over the years have chosen to live in a house built by Canadian homes®

From the initial respectable holiday homes to the advanced quality permanent homes of today, in excess of 2000 families are currently enjoying the lifestyle that a Canadian homes® provides with:

Characteristic applications which Canadian Homes® applied first in Greece: